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Adding Humor to Your Graduation Speech


It is almost graduation period. Valedictorians or Cum Laude students are probably stressing out on how could they make their speeches interesting. Someone might consider adding humor to their speech. Talking about this, here are a number tips that you can follow to put some humor on your speech of whatever purpose.

  • Review other public lecturers who make use of humor effectively. How are they able to use humor? Under what circumstance do they use humor? What kind of humor do they make use of? All of these queries will help you to start to comprehend in what way to add comedy to your personal presentations.
  • Utilize the kind of humor you love. There are a lot of types of comedy. A number of the most effective types are extemporaneous and spontaneous humor. Examine these types. They are frequently the most effective for the reason that they are the greatest like existence. Whenever funny occurences happen, they frequently take place without notice. Unstructured humor arises apparently from nowhere and clasps the spectators off guard. This is the reason as to why it is so influential. On the other hand, whenever you are the type of individual who are capable of telling a knock-knock joke with efficiency, then you must definitely go for it!
  • Enhance humor in your talk that enhances your message. Comedy must not be utilized just for the purpose of humor only. Including humor that is unconnected to your speech will distract your spectators and diminish from your general effectiveness. If carrying an idea is your aim, your humor must help you in that objective, and not hamper you.
  • Insert humor that is coming from your personal life. Fight the compulsion to tell ancient, worn out jokes. Search for comedy in your daily life and take note of those examples for usage at a later time. Making use of humor coming from your personal existence will aid you to seem much honest and your addressees will sense like they recognize you.
  • Always keep away from insensitive, unpolished and inappropriate humor. Comedy filled with sexual ambiguity, racial implications, and cruel language must be shunned by all professional community lecturers. You are way better than being like that. Renounce those types of humor for programs on late night television.
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Is it Best to Give Kids a Mobile Phone

Kids with Mobile PhoneThere is no doubt that mobile phones are truly beneficial when it comes to easier and faster communication. In fact, a lot of people would say that it’s even better than a tablet because it can already be used to surf the net while keep communications in its best state. Because of this, a lot of parents are even giving their kids a mobile phone to keep them updated of their location. However, is it best to give children from ages 7-9 a mobile phone device?

First of all, know the recipient’s attitude when it comes to handling pricey items as children might not always be that trustworthy when it comes to taking care of their gadgets like mobile devices. There are instances that they tend to leave it in the classroom or just about anywhere they last used the device. Although not all children are reckless, a lot of them can be, so it is very necessary to know your child’s attitude and personality first before handing him or her pricey gadget like a mobile phone. Observe if the kid is responsible enough in keeping her things and in taking care of them. If the child is careful enough with his or her toys, books, and clothes, there is a tendency that she might also be careful enough with a mobile phone.

Secondly, talk to your child regarding the importance of taking care of their gadgets and the price that comes with the item. Make them understand that mom and dad are working very hard just to be able to buy a gadget for them, so it should be taken cared of properly. Furthermore, remind them of the importance of keeping gadgets properly as this will help them become careful and good citizens in the future. Remind them as well of the essence of loving their gadgets and of giving importance to gifts from parents like their mobile phone device.

Thirdly, choose a device that’s suitable to their age. Mobile phones come in a variety of brands and models to choose from. Whatever brand or model you choose, make sure it has an emergency alert system in which your kids can be able to dial important numbers immediately. An alert system basically stores all these important numbers in the device and the kid can just press for an automatic call. This is very convenient for them especially during emergency situations as they don’t have to memorize or type their loved ones’ numbers anymore.

These are the basic tips when planning to give a mobile device to your kids. Finally, go for cheaper ones first before buying a pricey item.

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Funny Wedding Stories


Sometimes we all have our fair share of laughs even during our wedding days. Sometimes, not all wedding days are all about tranquility; a few speeches that send the guests to giggles, the priest’s forgetfulness, and other behavior that crack everyone’s funny bone are just some of the happenings that make weddings hilariously unforgettable. Here is a collection of some funny wedding stories contributed by anonymous couples worldwide:

One funny wedding story was a story of a girl, all dressed in gorgeous but cheap bridesmaid dresses, who served as one of her cousin’s bridesmaids during a summer wedding. “I was still 10 years old that time. It was a summer church wedding with its heater in full blast and the sun’s striking rays hit us directly in our seats” she recalled. All of a sudden, two of her cousins, who were seated beside her, fainted and toppled her down. What’s worse is that she was picking her nose during that time and her fingers were shoved right into her nose, causing it to bleed.


Another funny story was when I attended my best friend’s wedding. It was a solemn church wedding until one of the altar boys went to the middle part of the altar as he assisted the priest. All of a sudden one of the flower girls shouted, “He’s the ice cream guy!” as she pointed to the altar boy, breaking the solemnity of the moment.

Forget everything during your wedding day, except your bra. One of the wife’s bridesmaids whispered to the bride that she forgot to wear a bra and that her gown is showing her breasts since it was made of a mesh fabric in the top portion. Fortunately, her soon-to-be groom was still at home when she called. She told him to bring one of her bras as she described it to him in details. Confident that he was able to understand everything about the bra, the bride waited for a few minutes before the ceremony began. When the groom arrived, she just laughed off the incident real hard because he was bringing her entire underwear cabinet since he’s already too nervous to find the right thing. Her MOB (mother of the bride) dresses also opted to just shrug the incident off.


Talking about being forgetful, I actually witnessed a marriage ceremony in which the priest totally forgot the names of the couple. He sounded this way, “Today, we witness the marriage of… of…. of…” as he was trying to find the piece of paper with the couple’s names. Never able to find the paper, he continued, “of two young souls”.

Kids can also bring out tickles in the wedding ceremony, too. In one funny wedding story, the priest said, “If anybody wishes to stop the wedding, you can say your piece”. Just then, a child started shouting no! no! Everybody turned to the child’s direction, which was on the floor and shouting the word as his mother is trying desperately to get him off from the floor. Talk about right timing.

Another funny story was during a silver wedding anniversary of my grandparents in which granny wore one of the best vintage bridal dresses that I have ever seen. You know how shaky their aged hands can be; grandpa tried to lean forward a bit and bend down to make sure to catch the cake into his mouth. So when grandma shoved the cake into his mouth, he was so close that he bit her finger. It was caught in the photo but grandma was already shaking her finger in that shoot.


Basically, we all have our fair share of laughter even during an intimate occasion like wedding. Whatever embarrassing moment that may come up during a wedding day, it should not cause you to tear up or meltdown. Don’t make petty mistakes become a reason to ruin your mood for one of the biggest events in your lifetime. The mistakes that you committed and the lessons that you learned during your funny wedding moments can all play a vital role in your marriage life. These can act as tests whether or not you can survive marriage trials or act cold and leave the vow broken. Therefore, it is fairly necessary to always come to your wedding ceremony prepared. One of the best tips in order to avoid forgetting anything is to create a checklist of the necessary things to prepare for the wedding day. The list should include booking for the event, finding a catering vendor, choosing the bands and the cake, shopping at, and many other preparations needed. You can even create a checklist of the tasks needed to accomplish per month or per day for the big day. This will guide you in whatever factor you have neglected. Another tip is to prepare everything from the wedding dresses and suits, shoes, bouquet, and all other wedding necessities on your bed as it is one of the first thing that you would normally check out during the day.

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How to select the right commercial carpet for office

Looking for the right carpet for the office can be quite a task. Choosing the right commercial carpet such as Blue Ridge Carpet for a work area should be pondered well because it is not only meant to add beauty to the area, but also to promote safety and corporate ambiance. Nevertheless, always consider the budget for buying the item and its installation, color and type, and its manufacturer. These are the key factors to keep in mind when shopping for an office carpet.

Before you start setting aside a good budget, it is essential to think of the color and type of carpet to be used first. Consider the colors of the walls and the ceiling of the office before choosing one. The mat’s hue should go along with the main theme of the area and it should not create a dreamy look as it is a place of work. Mats in red, grays, blues, and in any darker tones are best used with the surrounding areas painted in white or in lighter shades. The mentioned shades are naturally vibrant, so it doesn’t promote sleepiness. Aside from that, getting dark-colored carpets is a boon because it helps conceal subtle dirt and stains that could create a filthy appearance to the area. Commercial carpet tiles in dark color is practically the most common style of carpet being used in offices these days. Meanwhile, collecting suggestions and recommendations from staffs and department heads in the type and color of the carpet that would go best with the office furnishings can greatly aid in eliminating the stress from your shoulders.

On the one hand, office areas are normally high traffic areas, so it is necessary to prioritize carpet types that are designed to hold traffic without wearing it immediately. These include cut pile, Berber, frieze, and level loop pile as these types are generally made with certain techniques that fasten the threads and fibers extremely well, avoiding these to loosen quickly.

Budget is a factor to take note of, particularly that any furnishings inside the office always has its corresponding memos and receipts to present to the accounting department. Once you have selected the carpet that you want, start browsing online or at your local carpet stores, take note of the options offered by each store, and compare prices before paying an item.  Not to mention that budget for installation should also be given careful deliberation as well. Once you have found the perfect vendor, consider the manufacturer of the item. It is best to buy items from renowned manufacturers of commercial carpets to enjoy durable, appealing, and totally beneficial carpet that lasts long.

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Tuberculosis Causes Death among HIV-Infected Patients

According to the latest finding of the World Health Organozation (WHO), Tuberculosis (TB) remains the general expedient disease that causes death among HIV-inflicted patients all over the world. WHO presently recommends the treatment of HIV-infected individuals with Tuberculosis drugs and advises them to take rifamycin treatment for six months. A current methodological review and studies support the treatment and supplies further insight about the optimum treatment of HIV positive patients with active TB. The aforementioned review contains 33 studies. Seven of these were already published in 2008 and 2011.

WHO approximates that one-third of the population of the world is afflicted with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Such disease became widespread across the globe and reached up to eight million new cases on a yearly basis. The organization also estimates that ten million people of the total number of TB-inflicted patients are linked to HIV cases. 90% of these come from developing countries such as sub-Saharan Africa, India, China, and Brazil. Currently, tuberculosis kills one out of every four HIV-positive patients.

It had been decades when tuberculosis cases declined. However, it increased again in 1986 most especially in the United States. In accordance to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S., there are already 30% of excess cases of AIDS-related tuberculosis. Providentially, HIV-related tuberculosis cases have started to decline again, only in the U.S.

The deteriorating numbers of the cases in HIV-related tuberculosis in the U.S. as well as other booming countries has resulted to the total decline in the number of tuberculosis cases. They attribute this decline in the invention of the treatment called antiretroviral therapy. However, despite the decrease in the number of HIV-related tuberculosis cases, the numbers remain constant over a period of time. Further studies are required to assess and determine the impact of antiretroviral therapy on the rate of HIV-related tuberculosis cases in various populations and not only in the United States.

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